Tips To Removing Chewing Gum From Carpet

Gum removal is difficult enough to handle in the home. A wad of gum on the carpet or the kitchen floor can turn into a sticky mess that is hard to remove completely. This problem becomes amplified in commercial areas. Public flooring, sidewalks, and parking lots are larger and infested with multiple gum deposits or black smears on the ground. Many of these deposits are very old. The older the gum stain, the more difficult the gum removal process. Schools, shopping malls, movie theaters and public transportation vehicles are some other areas where chewing gum stains can be arduous to tackle. Removing chewing gum from carpet is a daunting question to try to answer. Fortunately, there are a variety of valuable solutions.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet?

Method #1:  Ice

Freeze the gum. Put some ice, frozen meat, or frozen vegetables in a Ziploc bag and place it directly on the carpet gum until it freezes. Then, remove the ice and peel away the hardened gum with your hands.  If the gum is still difficult to remove, use something dull to scrape the gum off the carpet, like a butter knife.

Method #2: Compressed Air

If you have experience with computers or electronics in general, you are probably familiar with cans of compressed air, mainly used for cleaning dust. Believe it or not, compressed air can also aid in removing gum from carpets. When the can is shaken, sprayed, and held upside-down, an interesting reaction occurs. Substances inside the cylinder force the nozzle to emit extremely cold air. Use this technique to spray the gum, and when it’s frozen, peel it off the carpet.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet With Peanut Butter?

This method works extremely well. Spread a small amount of the peanut butter on the gum and work it into the carpet until it breaks up the gum’s sticky fibers. Then, use a butter knife to scrape the gum off the carpet. Clean up the peanut butter with a mixture of one teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent and one cup of lukewarm water until it dissolves. With peanut butter, you can easily remove gum from your carpet.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet With Oil? 

Like peanut butter, different types of oil can help make removing gum from carpet easier. Shortening oil, vegetable oil, butter and other oily substances work similar to peanut butter. However, depending on the type of oil, the carpet may become stained after the gum removal. Always test it out first. If you’re not sure, use peanut butter to avoid stains.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet With Vinegar?

Vinegar also helps remove gum from carpet. Soak the area with a solution of vinegar and water, and leave it on the gum for 15-20 minutes. Do not rub the vinegar solution into the carpet. Use a wet towel to lightly dab the area with some cold water until the gum is gone.  Repeat these simple steps, and you will successfully remove gum from carpet with simply vinegar.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet With Multipurpose Carpet Cleaner?

There are many different carpet cleaning products on the market that remove gum. These multipurpose carpet cleaners work but do not scrub too hard, or you could ruin the carpet fibers. Also, make sure no cleaner residue remains on the carpet. Thoroughly rinse the spot with water and dab it with a towel after treatment. Vacuum the carpet after removing the gum. Goo-Gone is a highly recommended product that removes sticky substances from carpets quickly and easily.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet With Heat?

Many carpet cleaners still rely on using a hair dryer to remove chewing gum embedded in carpet fibers. This method is a proven solution as long as the heat is not too hot. Use the low heat setting on your hair dryer and aim it straight at the gum. Be careful not to burn the carpet. If you select a setting that is too hot, the hair dryer may scorch or melt the carpet. Within a few minutes, you will be able to scrape the chewing gum off the carpet fibers with a butter knife or plastic utensil.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum From Carpet With Methyl Salicylate?

how to get gum out of your carpetVirtually, any product which contains an ingredient called ‘methyl salicylate’ can be used to remove chewing gum from carpets, as well as fabrics. Methyl salicylate is commonly found in pain-relieving muscle rubs, like Bengay. First, heat the gum with a hair dryer, use a plastic bag or plastic wrap to pull the gum off the carpet, apply a small amount of the methyl salicylate, on the area, and then use the plastic bag or plastic wrap to remove the remaining gum.

NOTE:  It is best to consider eliminating any chewing gum by hand before you apply any of these household remedies to the actual problem area on your carpet. The majority of top cleaning organizations suggest to you use the gentlest and simplest chewing gum removal strategies before implementing harsher solutions and products with methyl salicylate.

How Do I Clean Carpet After Removing Chewing Gum?

After you use any of these tips, check to see if all of the chewing gum has been removed. When the area appears to be gum-free, clean it using a mixture of mild dishwashing liquid soap and a cup of warm water. Apply the soapy solution with a towel, and then use a mild laundry detergent to clean the area of carpet with the gum spot. Next, blot the spot with a dry towel and soak up any unwanted water. If the carpet is still wet, use a hair dryer or fan to dry the fibers and carpet padding.

Always completely dry the carpet after removing chewing gum and cleaning the area. Leaving moisture could cause water damage, mold, or affect your carpet’s appearance.

A shop-vac or home steam cleaner can help you get rid of stains and excess water. If you have never operated one of these machines, it may be easier to hire a good Long Island carpet cleaner.

Why Simultaneous Extraction Is Key

Eliminating gum stains with simultaneous extraction can make a huge difference in the chewing gum removing process. This kind of gum stain removal involves commercial steam cleaners, which allow the user to work much faster. Carpet cleaners can cover a larger surface area and remove more stains in less time. Apart from that, floor steam cleaners also remove each gum stain more effectively. Commercial steam cleaners have the extraction capabilities to ensure that gum wads are removed without leaving behind any residue.
Simultaneous extraction removes dirt, moisture, and sticky substances from carpets with the aid of different steamers, including commercial steam cleaners and floor steam cleaners. When it comes to removing chewing gum, these gum removal machines provide an effective way of dissolving stains. The simultaneous extraction feature explains why carpet cleaners have better results in a shorter amount of time. This gum removal business system ensures that the gum wad is gone without the risk of staining the carpet fibers.

How Do I Remove Old Chewing Gum from Carpet?

If you want to remove old gum from carpet, you must first freeze the gum with ice or frozen food in a Ziploc bag.  Place the bag directly on the area for approximately 10 minutes until the gum hardens. Gently scrape the frozen gum off the carpet using a butter knife. Repeat these steps if necessary.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum from Car Carpet?

Easily remove gum from your vehicle’s interior with WD-40 and upholstery cleaner. First, try to carefully pull off the gum and spray the carpet with a generous amount of WD-40, wait a few minutes, and then scrub the area with a brush. Next, clean any residual solvents from the fabric with a quality upholstery cleaning product, like Mother’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

You can also use one of the gum removal tips from the above-referenced list. Blot the stained carpet with a Goo Gone, stain remover, methyl salicylate, or use a floor steam cleaner with simultaneous extraction to successfully remove gum from your car carpet.

How Do I Remove Chewing Gum from Floor Mats?

The best way to remove gum from your carpet floor mats is to freeze the gum. Use ice or a frozen bag of food to harden the gum and pull off fragments. Scrape the remaining gum residue off the carpet floor mats with a butter knife or metal utensil. Similar to the car carpet, you can also use a stain remover to finish cleaning the carpet floor mats.

Additional Information

Goo Gone

Feel free to use Goo Gone, a spot remover, or similar dissolver product to remove gum from carpet. Use a brush or towel to rub the cleaner into the fibers to break up the gum. Dab the area with a wet towel to blot up any excess solution and use a shop-vac or steam cleaner to remove stains. Vacuum the carpet once dry. Apply as necessary.

Methyl Salicylate

Muscle rubs and ointments are useful methods to remove gum from carpet, but also one of the harshest options because of the active ingredients. Muscle-relaxing products like Bengay should be used with caution to avoid damage to the carpet fibers and make sure to clean the area thoroughly with a mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and water. Rinse and dry completely.


After removing gum with WD-40, it is important to clean the car carpet with an upholstery cleaner because the WD-40 spray is extremely flammable and has a strong odor. The smell of the product will dissipate over time, but WD-40 should be not used in small spaces without proper air circulation. Always use WD-40 in a well-ventilated area with open car doors and windows.

Carpet Cleaning System

Floor steam cleaners are one of the safest options to remove gum because the system only uses hot water and suction to clean carpets. Major retailers often have a variety of steam cleaners you can rent or buy for residential use. If you prefer hiring a professional carpet cleaner or cleaning company, do your research and find an effective solution that best fits your needs.

Problem Solved

People love chewing gum but rarely think about the difficulty of removing gum from carpet until it is too late. Protect your carpet from gum and remove stains with the help of these tips and instructions. Select your method of choice, and see how quickly you can remove chewing gum from the carpet in your home and vehicle.